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Photos of our House Guests

  • Happy Henry and Tasha
  • Play Time
  • Sun Baking Jesse
  • Happy George
  • Minder Tracy with Charlie
  • Happy Coco
  • Treats Please!
  • Lily loves the lounge and her blue ball.
  • Big Boy Charlie
  • Happy Charlie
  • Ball Time Henry
  • Beasties George and Zala
  • Old Boy Buddy
  • Harry 11 year old Poodle
  • Holly the Groodle
  • Molly Lovely Girl
  • New comer Maltese x George has settled for his first night. Sweet boy.
  • Nikey is enjoying his 2nd holiday with Miekie. This 9 yr CKC is a dear little boy.
  • Great news! Mimi is home and recovering from her operation.
  • Precious Pebbles the Beagle x is holidaying with Barbara this weekend. Lucky girl
  • Sadly Mimi has taken ill and been hospitalised. With loving sibling Coco by her side
  • Clementine, post walk. Great job Sean
  • Ned, the Wolfhound x, loves holidaying with Bill.
  • This 4yr M is a spaniel x spritz and staying with Vicki for the weekend. Such a gentle nature.
  • Old boy Simba has returned to Vicki for one night. He is shy and quie
  • Introducing lovely Lisa, a 2 yr old rescued greyhound. 1/2. Sweet gentle girl.
  • Lovely Blake’s holiday is almost over. Well done Tracy and I’m sure she will be back.
  • Dog Minding Central Coast · December 28, 2019 ·Flo enjoying a well earned rest. Day 7/14. Quiet girl (when alone!)
  • Big boy Buddy the Lab has joined Blake and Percy for a New Year’s holiday. Should be ???at Tracy’s!
  • Digby Beach Dog
  • Too much fun
  • Barnaby and Houston
  • Percy loves playing ball! Great job Tracy
  • Roman and Cleo
  • Harry in Garden
  • Lovely Holly

About Dog Minding Central Coast

Established in 2014 Dog Minding Central Coast has years of experience matching dog owners with dog loving minders.
 Your dog will be welcomed into the home of a carefully-selected, fully-supported dog minder in your area.
You can relax on holiday, because your dog is being cared for as part of the dog minders family.
You and your dog will meet your minder in advance, you can inspect the property to make sure it is where you want your dog to holiday.
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