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How do I know my dog will be looked after well?
You will meet the minder (who has been chosen for their love of and experience with dogs) at their house. During the meet and greet (m&g) you can decide if you are happy and content that all care will be taken and all love and attention given. If not, Dog Minding Central Coast will select another minder and you can organise another m&g.
I’ve decided I’d like my dog to be minded by Dog Minding Central Coast, what do I do now?
Go to the "book here" tab (on the HOME page) and fill in and that will assist Dog Minding Central Coast to link your dog to our most suitable carer. Someone from Dog Minding Central Coast will be in touch.
What do I provide?
So that your dog feels safe and secure, we advise you to bring something from home with your “smells”, as well as all food, treats, bones (if required), bedding, leads, bowls (food and water), toys and poo bags.
How do I pay?
A booking fee of 2 days (direct deposit) is required to secure your preferred carer, with the remainder paid 14 days prior to drop off.
What if I have to cancel the booking?
Cancellation refunds are as follows: more than 21 days - 80%, between 20 and 14 days - 50%, between 13 and 7 days - 10%, less than 7 days and once a booking has commenced - NO REFUND.
What can my dog expect whilst he/she is on holidays with Dog Minding Central Coast?
All dogs will live in a home that loves dogs and he/she will be cared for as part of the family. We will match your dog with a minder who will look after your dog as if they lived there all the time.
Your dog can expect walks, playtime and lots of cuddles, with time to relax and laze around, too. Dog Minding Central Coast will provide as close to home as we can, so there is minimal disruption to your dog's routine.
How do I know my dog will be safe?
All Dog Minding Central Coast minders must have a fully fenced and secure back yard, with easy access to either indoors or an undercover area. Also all dogs wear an identification tag, supplied by Dog Minding Central Coast and in the unlikely event that a dog absconds, he/she will be easily identified and returned to the minder.
Can I keep in touch with the minder?
Of course. Our minders are very aware that leaving your dog can be stressful – especially the first time! If you need to make contact, feel free.
Does my dog have to be vaccinated?
Yes, definitely. So as to ensure the health of your dog and any they may meet on their daily walks, all dogs must be fully vaccinated (C5) and proof of currency must be provided to the minder at the m&g.
Also proof of flea and tick protection.
Are there minimum days required?
Not throughout the year, but a minimum of 4 days payment for Christmas,  New Year and Easter. However, with no surcharge for those days.
Will there be any other dogs?
Not if you require your dog to receive individual care. But many dogs enjoy the company of other dogs and Dog Minding Central Coast will only bring together dogs of similar size and temperament. A meeting could be arranged, if necessary. Some of our minders have a dog living in the household and in that case only dogs that are happy to share would be offered to those minders.
Do you mind dogs long term?
Please contact Rachel regarding length of time and cost.
Why do people become minders?
Lots of reasons, but always because our minders enjoy the company of dogs. Some minder’s dogs have passed on and they are not ready to have a new dog join their family permanently. Some minders love the company and exercise. Whatever the reason, all of Dog Minding Central Coast's minders love having dogs in their home.
I know someone who is interested in dog minding. What should she do?
Please phone Rachel 0438 695 198

About Dog Minding Central Coast

Established in 2014 Dog Minding Central Coast has years of experience matching dog owners with dog loving minders.
 Your dog will be welcomed into the home of a carefully-selected, fully-supported dog minder in your area.
You can relax on holiday, because your dog is being cared for as part of the dog minders family.
You and your dog will meet your minder in advance, you can inspect the property to make sure it is where you want your dog to holiday.
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