Please read and accept dog minding central coast's terms and conditions.Terms and Conditions PLEASE NOTE, IT IS ASSUMED BY D..." />

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Dog Minding Terms and Conditions

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<p>Please read and accept dog minding central coast's terms and conditions.Terms and Conditions


1. Rates are charged per night and delivery and pick up to be between the hours of 8am and 6pm.
1a. PLEASE NOTE: full payment is required prior to drop off. Minder are instructed NOT to accept dogs if full payment has not been received by Dog Minding Central Coast
2. If earlier than 8am or later than 6pm is required, Dog Minding Central Coast recommends drop off the previous, or pick up, the next day. An additional day’s fee will be incurred.
3. All care will be taken of your dog whilst in the care of Dog Minding Central Coast.
4. Confirmation of a booking is dependent on your dog having a C5 vaccination and current flea and tick control. Proof must be provided Rachel before payment. It takes 2 weeks for a vaccination to have full protection. We wont accept any dog that has just been vaccinated. You need to wait the 2 weeks. 
5. There is no guarantee that a suitable minder can be found.
6. Any dogs that bark excessively or display unaccepted aggression will not be considered as a suitable dog for minding. If such behaviours are shown, post drop off, Dog Minding Central Coast reserves the right to have the dog removed and rehoused at your expense. NO REFUND given.
7. Bookings will not be accepted without a meet and greet with the minder and both parties agreeing to the assignment.
8. All dogs must be delivered wearing a strong and secure collar that attaches to a strong lead or harness that will be suitable for restraint during walking.
9. All dogs and bedding must have been washed prior to drop off.
10. Any dogs showing evidence of fleas will be rejected and NO REFUND given.
11. It is not the financial responsibility of Dog Minding Central Coast if your dog injures itself whilst in the care of Dog Minding Central Coast (or their agent).
12. If your dog requires attention from a vet, it will be arranged and executed by Dog Minding Central Coast (or their agent) with the understanding that all charges to be paid by the owner.
12a. The cost of any damage that is caused by your dog, to either property or person, is your responsibility.
13. Prices are subject to change without notice; however, bookings made prior to any increase will be honoured.
14. Prices may change 1st of March each year.
15. All payments to be made directly to Dog Minding Central Coast, either by direct deposit or cash. Contact Rachel if you want to pay with Cash.
16. Contract length is one (1) year, but Dog Minding Central Coast reserves the right to amend at any time.
17. Cancellation refunds are as follows: more than 21 days - 80%, between 20 and 14 days - 50%, between 13 and 7 days - 10%, less than 7 days and once a booking has commenced - NO REFUND/CREDIT.
18. Once your dog's holiday has begun, there is no refund/credit if your dog is collected prior to the end date. </p>

About Dog Minding Central Coast

Established in 2014 Dog Minding Central Coast has years of experience matching dog owners with dog loving minders.
 Your dog will be welcomed into the home of a carefully-selected, fully-supported dog minder in your area.
You can relax on holiday, because your dog is being cared for as part of the dog minders family.
You and your dog will meet your minder in advance, you can inspect the property to make sure it is where you want your dog to holiday.
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